Friday, June 4, 2010


KB is our snuggler. She will come to me and literally say, "I wanna snuggle, momma." I LOVE that. She'll climb up in my lap, wiggle until she is comfortable, and then. . . pop up and say, "I go get my blankie!" and zip off to her room. Seconds pass before she is back in my lap, has spread her blanket over my shoulder (with her embroidered name in the top right corner because she rubs the corner opposite of it) and her head goes down and her fingers go into her mouth.

At times like that it is almost possible to forget the 172 times she has told me "No!", or corrected me, in the hour before. *sigh*

This time she just wanted to "snuggle and read".
My pleasure:


Debbie said...

I had only one snuggler, too, and thankfully she still likes to sit with me and read, even though she is outgrowing the snuggling part. Love those moments!

lifemoreabundant said...

oh my mackerdoodle says the same thing! It melts my heart!