Thursday, June 3, 2010

D-D-Dora! D-D-Dora!

I know I have been playing catch-up with the past few posts, but I wanted to tell you what we did today. Truth is it's probably not that exciting to most folks but to our family it was a big deal.

Big because KB asks me to sing the Dora theme song before she goes to bed at night.
Big because Bubba takes stuff from KB when she is annoying him and says, "I'm Swiper the Fox. I took your _____ and now you'll never find it!".
Big because, honestly, up to this point we haven't taken our kids to many places, events, planned activities.

Up to this point we have always had someone very little, someone who might go completely Autism Bananas at any moment for an unknown reason, and someone who just didn't care (that's Little). Finally it seems the kids are at a place we can take advantage of the amazing city we live in. It gives me a sense of hope.

So, that's a big build up to tell you we went to Whole Foods to meet Dora tonight. Yep! Dora at Whole Foods.

I fed the kids early, bathed the kids quickly, and Honey came home in time to jump in the van and head out.

(Yes, they are in their jammies. I knew they would be heading off to bed soon after getting home so I eliminated a step. They thought it was cool to go on an outing in their jammies. I think it's cool they didn't care!)

And here are my two older children hugging Dora. Seriously, they were thrilled and so cute. KB isn't pictured because she pulled a "shy" card. Actually, she wanted to talk to Dora on her terms and without her siblings and so she missed her opportunity. It was a great life lesson - I hope she remembers.

Dora helped a Whole Foods employee in the making of a smoothie and then everyone in attendance received the recipe and a taste. ALSO, everyone present was entered in a drawing for tickets to see Storytime Live at the Fox in July. SO GLAD there are five of us. It would be super fun to win these tickets! Dora, the Wonder Pets, and the Backyardigans are just a few of the "folks" that will be there that night. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

So, there you go. Fun at W. Foods. The Kicklighters know how to live big.


Jo Ann said...

Don't tell my children--especially E! She would love to meet Dora! She loves talking Spanish with the show.

Debbie said...

Elizabeth loved that show! Looks like a fun outing and memory with your family :)