Friday, May 28, 2010

Mother's Day - Toddler Time Tea

I realize that Mother's Day was AGES ago, but I have blog lag (read "I'm behind on posting pictures for distant relatives).

Once a week KB attends our church's mother's morning out program, Toddler Time. The Wednesday after Mother's Day, the class had a tea for the moms. It was SO fun.

There were long pieces of tape for the kiddos to line up on. This picture shows two classes combined. The front row is KB's class - 9 girls and Owen.

KB was perfectly relaxed. Being in front of a room full of Paparazzi Parents didn't phase her one bit. Where does she get that from?

Maggie was not as relaxed and KB spent the first two songs trying to console her. I kept hearing her say, "Maggie, there's your momma." Just before song three, Maggie's momma let Maggie come sit with her.
Song 3 was called "Your Face" and was one of KB's favorites, naturally. They ended with "I love my mommy and my mommy loves me. . .I'm going to give her a great big hug." *sigh*

Yes, we look alike. Moving on. . .
There were gifts: a bookmark with KB's picture placed just right so her face peeks out of my book, a photo of us together, and a flower pot painted with her finger-print ladybugs an a flower pen stuck inside.
Being a mom can be so great.


Debbie said...

Being a mom is so great! (I was thinking how much KB looked like you right before you mentioned it :)).

annaj said...

She looks so adorable! Great pictures!!

Julia said...

Do I see GLEE in her future?

Catherine said...

She was singing so hard! And that dress is so sweet. Looks like such a fun morning.

Anonymous said...

Love the post....being a mom is GREAT! Can I be superficial for a moment and ask WHERE did you get her dress???? Love it! Need three.... :-)

Stacy R