Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bowling - Seriously

I haven't been bowling since I first got married. That's not true. We went bowling in Kansas City in March 2009, still, it isn't something I do often.

Several weeks ago, our small group from Bible Study went bowling. Let me rephrase that. . . the women under 40 went bowling. It was hilarious. It was fun. It was sad: I lost by 1 point.

The pregnant gal on the far left. . . she isn't in our small group! Annie was in seminary at the same time as we were and she is a great friend of Anna's (gal in gray sweatshirt). She was visiting and came along for the fun. It was GREAT to see her, catch up a bit, and laugh together.

When Annie stepped up to bowl for the first time she actually asked how to put her fingers in the ball. THEN she turned around and bowled a strike. Just super.

I'm thankful for this group and the friendships God has blessed me with. Can't wait till our next girl's night out. Maybe we'll play putt-putt?

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

It was so fun to join you all that night! Thanks for letting me crash your small group! I really enjoyed getting to know everyone...and I guess it was a bonus to actually win a game I had played once before in my life - like 12 years ago! If there was EVER a true case of Beginner's luck - THAT was IT! :)

By the way....I think this is my claim to fame in life -- not winning a game of Bowling -- but being featured on Becky K's blog!!! :)
I'm SO cool now! :)

p.s. I am absolutely IN LOVE with KB's dress in the Mother's Day post below!!! The fabric is AWESOME!!! Did you make that one, too?!