Monday, May 31, 2010

KB - A Piece of Work

The other night I went toward KB's room to put her to bed and found her sitting against the headboard with "all her friends" sitting around her. I ran and got my camera so I could catch this:

KB realized what I was doing and asked BeBe if she would like her picture taken. Apparently BeBe did want to be photographed and so I obliged.

Today at naptime, KB used the photo shoot as a stalling opportunity. I didn't catch on at first Call me crazy but I just thought she was being adorable. . .

Then she asked to look at the photo, decided the sunglasses were not the look she was going for, asked Cassie for her opinion, and then asked if I would "try again." Again I obliged. . .

. . . then turned the light off and shut the door. Look at her. . . YOU would have taken it too!

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Anonymous said...

OMW!!!! I just KB sucking her two fingers in the middle of her hand? Joyanna does that! It makes the 'I LOVE YOU' sign right? At first, it drove me crazy....germs and all. I am a binky girl. (And you can get rid of that....hard to get rid of the fingers). But now that I see some other ADORABLE child doing it, it doesn't look that bad. Kinda cute actually! :-)

Stacy R