Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well, Honey found my phone this morning. It was really impressive. Really. He found it by the side of the driveway next to an old log. It was laying face down.

Makes sense in hindsight. Tuesday, after Bible Study, KB and I were checking out the buggage on that old rotten log and my phone must have fallen out of my pocket.

Bottom line is - - the Lord showed Honey where it was. We both spent the entirety of Honey's shower praying that He would show us. Tah Dah! He did.


Catherine said...

Hooray! The suspense almost killed me over here.

Julia said...

Okay, last spring this happened to me. But, I lost mine at the park. I had gottenn home from a business trip early and desided to go take my chair and my book and chill. Hours later I realized I lost my phone. It is dark and I am at the approx area where I thought I was adn began looking for it with a flashlight. Mr. Nolda realized my panic and stopped by the park to offer his assistance...two minutes into him stepping on the grass...he finds it! The men in our lives are special and they rise to the occasion when we need them the most! So, glad your Honey found your phone too. How can something so small mean so much to us?

Debbie said...

Thank you, God!!!