Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Box Play Initiation

Our kids have never played in/with boxes. The oldest two don't partake in imaginary play (it's not a conviction, it's just the way God made them) and so it has never occurred to them to use a box for fun. KB, on the other hand, is a walking embodiment of imagination and so, last week, when she walked into my room and saw the huge Oriental Trading box I had just emptied of VBS crafting supplies, she went to work and made a "barn".

She paused long enough to commandeer strands of marine life beads from the supply stack and then headed back into her new hideaway.

She was quickly joined by Little who sees the value of quiet and small places. . . and the snacks were there. Suddenly, KB found herself outside the barn. Little really fell in love with the "box as residence" idea.
Bubba was pleased to take the pieces of marine life that I had already cut apart and give them each their own room in the Upside Down Yellow Stool Motel. Each dolphin actually has more space in their square than KB was allowed in her created barn.

The box made it for nearly a week and then I walked into the living room to find this:

KB had decided the box was now a bathtub. She and Bubba were naked as Jay Birds and pouring water from their cups into the box in order to make the experience as real as possible.

I let the go for a bit and then we said farewell to the soggy friend of April 2010.

Wonder what they would do with an appliance box?


Jo Ann said...

Too cute!

Debbie said...

The blessings of boxes is the novelty of them. I know from experience that if they are around all the time, no one wants to play with them :).

Anonymous said...

Are you guys doing the High Seas VBS from Group?
Emily in SC

Julia said...

ask our Dingess about boxes she loves them too.