Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things I Don't Want to Forget About NOW

1. The way KB regularly grabs her blankie and asks to snuggle. She fits just perfectly in the crook of my arm against the couch cushion. We lay there and "snuggle and read" or "snuggle and watch" or snuggle and sleep. (Monica - that blanket was the BEST gift! SO SOFT! She sleeps with it every night.)

2. Bubba follows instructions without question if I write them on his doodle board.

3. Little received a box of sidewalk chalk in her Easter basket and she LOVES to use it. She pretty much insists she MUST go the the sidewalk, though. No love for the entryway on the side of the house. (It is sidewalk chalk, after all!)

4. After only moments in the van someone will inevitably yell, "Turn it up!" in regard to the radio.

5. Last evening we were driving home from Sam's Club and all three of the children had a hand up to their ear pretending to be on their phone with someone. Nice. Two of the Three were talking to their daddy; KB was telling him we would be right home.

6. KB wants me to tuck her in at night and insists I sing. Her top choices: Backyardigans (theme song), Veggie Tales (complete with tuba at beginning), Wondafu (Isn't He Wonderful), and Jesus Loves Me. I tried to introduce Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo but Bubba's giggles from the other room were too distracting.

7. Bubba won a game of Tai Pei - it was the first time he had ever played and he kept saying, "I am playing the matching game." It was a tricky configuration - one Honey was frustrated that he couldn't master. When Bubba won on his first try I had to call and let Bubba tell his daddy. Daddy was NOT amused.

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Debbie said...

Wonderful things to remember--you're smart to write them down!!