Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

All around the blogosphere photos are popping up of families dressed in finery and smiling happily. I admit - I LOVE seeing them. I love seeing my friends' faces, I love seeing their pretty kids, I love the photos. I also have to admit I tried to get a photo of my family this year. I'll show the "better" photos at the end, but wanted to start the post with our "keeping it real" photo.

Yep, this is the real Kicks. Bubba shielding his face, Little distracted by something, KB smiling happily and loving getting her photo taken, and Honey smiling, handsome, and just hoping I'll snap a great picture on the first attempt!

Now, for the loyal reader, you are probably wondering what happened to Little's beautiful smocked dress! Good observation skills and great memories, folks. Thing is. . . I didn't get around to hemming it. Don't worry, I will. It's just that it is stressing me out a bit because the dress is REALLY long and I am not too sure how much I should hem, if I should cut it, etc. HELP!

So, I pulled out dresses that a friend gave us over a year ago; they just NOW fit. All I had to do was cut the plastic flowers off the front. They even have matching coats but we didn't need them! For the first time since we moved here it was HOT on Easter.

KB got these shades in her Easter basket and wore them the rest of the day.

Eggs were hidden and the hunt began just after our friends, Dave and Julia, arrived. Bubba had been asking all afternoon about hunting eggs and took off when we opened the door. He was our most proficient egg finder for sure.

Told you he was determined!

I cropped this next photo and left the arm in on purpose. See, that's our friend Dave. He and Julia came for the hunt, the dinner, and the entertainment of watching our family function. We love Dave and Julia. That's not why his arm is in the photo. The arm is there because Dave spent the hunt walking around the yard and telling children where to find eggs. Seriously!

It was a good day - except for the head injury and near nervous breakdown before church. Dinner was yummy, conversation was super, eggs were found, candy was eaten, and best of all - Jesus is Risen! Hallelujah!

Oh, and here are our decent photo options. One inside:
One outside:
I love how the girls are hugging on Bubba and his facial expression. AND it cracks me up that the tallest member of our family is hidden. Awesome! I LOFFIT!


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

So glad to see the "Keepin it real" photo along with the other ones.
I just hemmed one of Sophie's dresses during bible study. It was a good way to use the time for two things (since I rarely sit still at home...that is, unless I am on the computer!) ;)

How much do you like/love the dress?! If you'll be tired of it after a year on Little and a couple years on KB, cut it.
If it's a dress you wish you could keep forever and ever and NEVER get tired of...don't cut it. Hem it up and even if it looks a little baloon-y at the bottom...that's in style, now, right?! (Or maybe it was last year??? I AM usually a little behind the times on fashion!) ;)
If not

Ashley Ferry said...

Becky, the rule of thumb for a smocked bishop dress, like the one you have. is to leave a 4-6 inch hem. I hope that this helps. -Your old Alabama friend, Ashley B. Ferry

annaj said...

And I loff your dress!