Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tale of Two Friges

When we moved into our house we were given a refrigerator. It was a sad little frig that was missing two shelves and had no drawers. Still, it worked and we used it - for three years.

Over the course of these three years, my mother came to visit 11 times, at least. That refrigerator drove her nuts. I wasn't a huge fan, but my mother was driven closer to the edge with each visit.

Not long ago our home church had to purchase a refrigerator for a missionary family living in Birmingham for several months before leaving for their new home in Puerto Rico. After the missionaries left there wasn't enough time to say "Doug's your uncle" before my mom had bought that frig from the church and made plans to drive that baby up here. (My mom is quite a woman!)

So, at the end of March we had the pleasure of my parents' company for 8 hours and now we have a new refrigerator.

For a week, both refrigerators took residence in our kitchen.

Our old frig:

The fun of the story doesn't end with my parents driving 18 hours to deliver a frig. OH NO! The day we plugged the newer frig in and I was planning on moving everything in, my friend Julie came over. Julie is a professional organizer (you have heard me mention her several times and you can read more about her on her website here.) and she had "just happened" to bring over a couple items to help me organize my refrigerator! She had no idea we had just gotten a "new" one and I was starting from scratch.

She helped me think through zones for my frig and put in a little lazy susan to help on one shelf. There are two little containers for individual items (yogurt, applesauce, etc.). It was beautiful.

She had not brought her label maker, but I am just Monica Geller enough to have my own. So we labeled shelves too! It is awesome.

I am thrilled about our new appliance and thrilled to report the zoning has worked. It helps with my grocery shopping and has helped to keep things where they belong! Our frig looks just as great today as it did the day Julie came! (Thanks, Julie! Thanks Mom and Dad!)


Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait for my 12th visit and a chance to experience the NEW refrigerator. Julie is a genius! MM

Debbie said...

Very fun!! What a blessing to have such great friends who will organize your fridge for you!!

Shannon said...

oh wow...totally stealing the lazy susan in our fridge. the one that came with our house is missing shelves too. But lucky for me, scott wants to gut the kitchen this summer. I loathe the current fridge. And I do believe that owning your own label maker does make you a Monica.

annaj said...

been waiting on this post. so glad to see the new organized frig!

Helen said...

My Mum has her fridge like your new one - naturally!

Anonymous said...

I want to be Julie's friend :) So glad for you!