Monday, April 12, 2010


My Honey is a VERY wise guy. I don't mean sarcastic, I mean wise. When talking about what we were going to do about vacation this summer he put it out there that we stay at home. Keep a routine. Have children that are FUN to be around. I liked it.

Time with my parents is important and we usually go to see them for a week in the summer. Honey's next idea was to invite them to go on vacation with us. Here. With children that are FUN to be around. So we did. They are coming.

I haven't been overly excited - just because I haven't started planning, but TODAY is a new day. ALOT of this is owed to my friend Meagan. . . I'll explain that.

Meagan introduced me to Groupon AND Meagan has challenged us to do new things in the places where we live. The Blue Hutch is in a GREAT city and, while we have done some stuff (we thought we were moving away four years ago and got busy), there is so much more to see. So, when I got my email today from Groupon saying that today's deal is half off a Riverboat Cruise, I asked Honey if that could be part of our STAYcation. I am really excited. Seven of us will get to go for the price of THREE!! (KB's free!)

You can go too - local yokels! Click on through and get your Groupon! What a super family outing it could be. . .


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I can hardly wait!! MM

annaj said...


Ariana said...

Don't you LOVE Groupon?!?! It's like a surprise in my inbox every morning!

Glenda said...

Becky, I haven't done any serious investigating, but Dave and I read that Route 66 is close to your city, so what about a potential field trip to take in a portion of our countrys' Mother Road while Memom and Pops are there? I don't know the extent of preservation that may have taken place, if any, but since we did that western stretch just before Christmas, we are eager to do the northern stretch near you. Just an idea and it can be done FREE!!! Of course, the kids won't know anything more than just a ride somewhere, but you and the other adults will experience a step back in time. :) Love, Glenda