Monday, April 5, 2010

Seat Belt Debacle

Here's the follow-up to our seat belt debacle. Bubba has stayed put this week but that is because I pulled out an old 5 point harness car seat and, to quote him, "I can't push the button!". OH YEAH!

Still, this is not a long term solution. Thankfully, my dear friend Julie came to the rescue with just enough information to be dangerous (I mean helpful). She emailed and said that her son (she has two on the spectrum and is a well of knowledge, help and encouragement) used to take the seat belt off on the bus and the school district used a lock that was the size of a deck of cards - maybe I could look into that. !?! So, I did what any woman in 2010 would do - I googled "seat belt lock box" and found the answer.
This little ditty fits over the seat belt and blocks the button so a child can't "escape". In the case of an emergency there is an easy removal "thingy" so it's safe. Ours will be here within a week. Hallelujah!

Want more info for yourself? You too can google using a creative mix of words OR you can click the photo above and be taken to the Angel Guard website.

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Julia said...

"Curses, the Lady has foiled me again...." -Bubba