Sunday, April 4, 2010


Our Easter was . . . unique. I have pictures but the camera is downstairs and I am definitely NOT walking down there right now. I am not sure I'll make it to bed from here, much less downstairs! Anyway, while taking photos on the front porch, Kb and Bubba broke loose and started running around. Bubs pushed KB and she fell head first into the wooden porch. The next hour was spent watching her eyes, asking if she knew our names, and waiting for her head to spin around and puke to fly everywhere. She is fine, needless to say, and we headed to church at 10:40AM. (More later, when I have the photos.)

At some point today I made pretty paper. Thought I would share this new to-do list.

Isnt' it sooo cute??


Anonymous said...

There's nothing about me on here. I'm done.


Debbie said...

Always an adventure, right??