Friday, April 23, 2010

Overdue Linkage

Stacy, Anna and others, I apologize for taking so long to respond on the "How did you make that dress?" emails. I figured I needed to post a link on here and give Tanya over at Trey and Lucy her props.

So, truth be told, I am not a genius or seamstress or even overly creative. I like to copy other folks. In the literary world they call that plagiarism. I wonder what they call it in the crafting world? Flattery?

Anyway, I sat on the floor of our living room and made the first dress with this tutorial open on the computer. I had to jump up twice to re-read something my mind forgot. The dress took 30 min. because I was waiting on LOST to finish so I could sew what I had pinned.

Oh, and I got the bandannas for the first dress at Joann's and the bandannas for the auction dresses at Hobby Lobby.

Without further adieu. . . The 15 Minute Dress.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Becky! Can't wait to try it! Will you be going for the "10 Minute Hand-towel Dress" (from her blog)next? :-) Cute ideas! Thanks.

Stacy R