Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday Brunch - April

I'm playing a little catch up on this one.

One of the things our church's women's ministry has been doing this year is having monthly birthday brunches. The thought was that within one year's time EVERY woman at the church would have received a personal invitation and been given an opportunity for fellowship and encouragement. It has averaged out to be about 30 invitations a month and we have had anywhere from 4 to 12 in attendance. Overall I would call it a success. Big picture = 1/3 of our women (every age range being represented) will have attended. What a joy.

My friend, Amy, and I hosted the April brunch. In all honesty, Amy hosted and I made coffee. Amy is what one might call a "natural". Having people in her home comes easy to her and she obviously finds joy in it. Everything seems to take place with ease. It's encouraging to watch!

My other responsibility, besides coffee, was a little gift for our guests. Amy wanted a box at every seat - that was the instruction I was given. So, I made tea wallets but changed them up a bit so they were better suited for lemonade packets and such. (Thing is, I had a charm pack of fabric - precut squares measuring 5"x5" - and I wanted to use them. They worked perfectly for this!) Every wallet had two Crystal Lights, a decaf coffee, and flavored Splenda inside.
A box at every seat.
The ladies had a great time. We had 12 women in attendance and their ages crossed four decades. Some of them knew each other and new relationships were made. Two of the gals actually were celebrating that day!
The younger gals off chatting in a corner:
Such a beautiful spread:

We sang Happy Birthday, opened gifts, shared memories of a favorite birthday and ate yummy food! It was a super fun morning.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a winner to me! Such fun. MM

Debbie said...

What great ideas--both for the brunch and the cute lemonade packets. Might have to steal them sometime :).

Megan said...

Love, love, love your fabrics!!

zellner said...

such a good idea for a women's event and great gift idea!