Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lost My Mind

During seminary I met weekly with our preacher's wife for Bible Study. Pam is wonderful and one of a kind. She has all these phrases she uses over and over and so it's easy to give her a hard time. PLUS, her accent is as southern as they come. . . which means I can do a pretty good Pam when I put my mind to it (being a southern girl myself).

One of Pam's favorite phrases to turn was, "I am out of my mind" or variations such as, "I am losin' my mind." The mockery stops here folks. I HAVE lost my mind - I can't remember a single thing throughout the day. It is a bit scary . . . ridiculous and scary.

Today I called my mom. She called me back 15 min. later and I couldn't remember what I wanted! Lists are going to be my only salvation. Really, I think I might have to move to a PDA, but I can't even talk about that at this point so let's change the subject and I'll forget about it before the next paragraph ends.

Since lists are going to play such a big part in this phase of my life, I set about creating another pretty paper to help motivate me to action. I just love it!

Maybe I'll send a copy to Pam. I'm sure she would open it and say, "Oh my stars! This will be so helpful. I am just so buy I have been just out of my mind." I miss that a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Great birthday gift, hint, hint!