Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Honey Brings Home the Bacon

Yesterday, as Honey prepared to leave, Little asked where he was going. He answered, "I'm going to work, Little. I have to bring home the bacon!" Of course she repeated, "You have to bring home the bacon?"etc.

Last night, Honey got home just as I closed Little's door. He went in to kiss her goodnight and this conversation followed:

"Hey, Dad."
"Hey, Bud-Bud"
"Did you come home?"
"I did. Did you have a good day, Little?"
"Yes, I did."
"Have good sleeps, Bud-Bud."

Honey turned to leave and as he approached the door Little said, "Dad? Did you bring home the bacon?"
"Yes, Little, I did."
"Maybe we can have it for dinner."


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