Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anna's Auction

My sister is in charge of the auction next week at my nephew's school. She asked if I would make something. Last night, before Lost, I whipped up these:

This is NOT a comment on my skills - it's a testimony to how EASY they are!!! 30 min!!!

They are on their way, Anna.
(unless you hate them and then, let me know and I'll save the postage and put KB in that pink one as soon as it's warm!)


Anonymous said...

ok. So, I was interested in learning about the green dress for KB when you posted, but I let it go. I thought you would be too busy to tell us how to do it. BUT-now you have posted TWO more dresses AND said how easy they are to make. So, Becky....can you please tell me how to make of those? (Of course they will all be matching!) ;-)

Stacy R

porternews said...

Where did you find that cute pink and white bandanna?

jen said...

I would just save them for Naomi! LOL

annaj said...

LOVE them!!

Nicole said...

I would like to request one of these for my anna for HER birthday month! :)