Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small Taste of Spring

One day was all we had.

One day was all it took

for her to realize she was big enough to do it herself.
She liked it.

One glimpse of spring

for mommy to see how much she's really grown.

She's hurrying.
She wants to do everything "they" do.

She says, "Here I stand up on this stump.
Come and kiss me 'fore a jump. . . hep me, momma."

I say, "There you stand on that stump alone'
I'll kiss and help you 'cause you'll soon be grown."

*deep sigh and tear*


annaj said...


Dawn said...

That choked me up and my baby is only 4 months old! I already get a little sad when I imagine him going to school, not to mention walking and all that stuff :).

Allison said...

too bad she doesn't look like you...

Kitty said...

Feeling your pain.