Monday, March 1, 2010

Help Megan be Relevant

My friend Megan is super. I won't go into all the reasons I like her - you can check her out for yourself here. The reasons I will list are these:

1. her unbelievable capacity and the way it challenges me to live a fuller life.
2. her creativity
3. her humor.

Now aren't you just dying to know her?

In the creative vein, I did want to tell you what Megan is up to now! There is going to be a conference in the Spring for Christian women who blog and Megan really wants to go. While she might be willing to tattoo advertisements on her forehead if a business wanted to sponsor her, she is also a proactive little lady and has decided to sew her way to the conference (just in case that sponsorship doesn't come through). She is sewing and selling little zippy bags:

I love that she is doing this!

I ordered a couple bags - one for KB and one for Little - (Bubba already has one since I won a giveaway Megan had last month) to put in their Easter baskets. On one hand I see it as a GREAT gift for my little ones and on the other I see it as an investment in my friend.

You can order a bag too and help Megan get to Relevant 2010! Just go here to see how!

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