Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Apparently I have been a real killjoy over the past week. I received a "buck-up camper" email and phone call which brought my gloom to my attention. Sorry.

In an effort to communicate my life is still brimming with joyful moments, I bring you a few photos of the kiddies and an adequate amount of cuteness to make even the grumpiest of readers say "aawwwww".

Bubba got his fifth "poop in the potty" sticker which meant a poopy treat for him. This was a toy he was given at Christmas but I stashed it in the closet for such a time as this! He loves it (I have a video I will post later that proves it) and what's so funny is, he calls it his "poopy treat"! Hilarious. We already have two stickers toward our next treat!
Bubba is VERY concerned that KB is going to "swipe" his toys. Too much Dora, I guess, but I will hear him say, "KB - no swiping!" Again - hilarious.

Fashion police called on this one. They are calling foul on the long term wear of arm guards. Those boots have been worn daily with such a wide range of outfits. Again. Hilarious.

After her Valentine party at school, Little brought home a. . . trivet! Now I am the proud owner of two matching trivets! If every room mom uses this as the Valentines Day craft throughout elementary school, I will have a nice coaster set! Or, I could re-do our backsplash.

(Thanks, Stephanie!)


Anonymous said...

Now this is vintage B!!

Julia said...

dum de de dum...these boots are made for of these days these boots will walk all over you...dum de de dum

annaj said...