Monday, February 1, 2010

Scrapbooking at the convent was a great time! One of our cars "took a break" Friday evening and I thought I would have to cancel, but a sweet friend offered her husband's car and I was thrilled . . . blessed. . . thrilled and blessed.

I was there with 12 gals, three Cricuts, 23 cartridges, and for 30 hours. I slept for 9.5 of those hours (heaven) in my own little room. The other hours were spent at my own little table completing 31 pages of scrapbook goodness and journaling another 8 pages I didn't finish last time I worked on this stuff.

It was fun. It was real fun. I am so thankful.

My mom is here now. A week with my mom - I am excited. We are going to do my files. I would say re-do my files, but they aren't done. All our papers are in stacks. I know where everything is, but it's inefficient. Enter my mom *wink*.

So, the files and some sewing and some cupcake making. Think that will fill the week!
I'll keep you posted.


Debbie said...

What a productive and restful weekend! Hope you have fun with your mom. Tell her hello for me. We've got to TALK soon :). Let me know your availability.

Shannon said...

wow! you are good! I am a photographer and never even print pictures, let alone scrapbook them :)

Julia said...

I think I've been to that convent. Was it an Ursuline convent? said...

So glad you had a wonderful time Becky. I pray for you every day. Your Mum ( Mom! ) sounds lovely, and I hope you have a great week with her. We should all value and enjoy our Mothers while they are still alive. Love from your new Aussie friend, Helen

Bethany said...

JEALOUS!!! I am almost 2 years behind and haven't scrapbooked a single thing for Dylan. My goal is to do A LOT this summer. Wish I could go to "the convent".... whatever that is.