Monday, February 8, 2010

Mom's Visit - Entry One

Memom arrived last week on Monday evening. Her flight was 10 minutes late (heaven help us) and that meant she arrived during bath time. This in NO WAY affected the enthusiasm of the grandchildren and her welcome was heard by neighbors on all sides, I feel sure.

We went to Bible Study on Tuesday and AS WE WERE PULLING OUT OF THE CHURCH my cell phone rang and it was Honey wondering where I was. Turns out Little's school had tried to call me (I answered my cell but they had already hung up and their number was "unavailable") and let me know Little had a fever and needed to be picked up from school. Fast forward ahead three hours and I get a phone call from Bubba's school nurse to let me know that Bubba has had a couple accidents of the sick nature and he needs to be picked up from school. Both children were actually fine. Little's temp was normal by the time she got home and never rose again. Bub's was fine too - one week without pooping and one week of swallowing mucus will mess with a little man's tummy. Still, both schools' policies read that the children had to stay home 24 hours after dismissal so Tuesday and Wednesday were SHOT for getting too much done.

We did have some of nap time on Tuesday to work on files - it is WONDERFUL not to have piles of paper lying around and, more importantly, to have a system so I know what to do the next time a pile accumulates. . . I mean when papers come across my desk!

Other things we accomplished. . .
  • we cleaned out my cooking utensil drawer! After a friend saw it's contents a couple weeks ago, I became committed to purging that baby. It looks niiiiice.
  • I was able to go to Walgreens by myself and spend $25. I walked away with 5 bottles of Honey's favorite shower gel, 2 bottles of Children's Benedryl, 2 movie tickets and a pack of Rolos! Not bad.
  • I was able to talk for hours about anything and everything and had a female's ear listening. LOVED IT.

It may not seem like much, but it was wonderful to this woman. A gal from Honey's office even came over at the last minute so that the adults could go OUT to dinner and have some deep conversation. It was SO MUCH FUN.

More on Memom's visit to come. . .

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