Friday, February 26, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of mean, Blue Hutch

So while this blog has been silent due to a certain someone having loads of fun in Atlanta, don't think for a minute that the home of the Blue Hutch has been quiet. Not for a moment!

Thankfully 'not quiet' does not equal 'destructive'. Those of us left behind have had a bunch of fun. Here are some highlights...
  • Two trips to McDonald's in one day. PLENTY of Playland for the kids and sweet tea for the daddy!
  • A trip to Walmart for a replacement for the Bubs of 'Mister The King', a little diecast CARS car that he got as a poopy treat but then lost.
  • ANOTHER POOPY TREAT for the big boy. What did he get?
    Yep! He got Mater, and I wish Sweety could've seen the look on his face when I pulled it out and gave it to him. He was adorable!

  • Of course, there was also the obligatory bodily harm that had to happen to someone and it happened last night when I was trying to get Bubs ready for bed. He started to run away, I reached out to grab him, he tripped, and instead of grabbing him around the waist, I clocked him in the face, leading to a busted lip for him and gashed thumb for me. So fun!

  • Plenty of smiles from KB to Daddy.

  • Plenty of kisses from Little to Daddy.

  • Riproarious laughter as we rode home from McDonald's and I talked them through the game plan for getting ready for bed. After I was sure they all understood, I told them that if we did all that, it would be SUCCESS! That suddenly became a humor word and we spent the rest of the ride yelling out SUCCESS and laughing.

  • One of the trips to McDonald's was to have dinner with long-time friends from seminary, the Eubanks, who were on their way back home and passing through. So much fun and so good to just hang out with good friends.

Now I'm off to watch more of Season 1 of Heroes and probably some ice cream.


Anonymous said...

So, Jeremy has hacked into the Blue Hutch Blog eh? Love it!!! (I guess it's not hacking since you ARE married!) :-) Thanks for keeping us posted. Hope the kids are good for you, and Little has a GREAT birthday!

Stacy Ruska

Anonymous said...

I knew my daughter married a great man. Not only does he keep three children for her to "leave town," but he keeps her blog going as well Yay Honey!!!! He's a keeper, B.

annaj said...

well played, Master Jedi! You must teach the young Brice padawan your ways.