Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ever the Deal Maker

The denominational Women in the Church Leadership Conference is this weekend and I am getting to go with four other women from our church. I am really excited about the opportunity. Really excited. We leave Thursday morning EARLY and get back Saturday afternoon (kinda late). It wouldn't be considered late except it's Little's birthday and I cannot stand that I am missing it.

So the fun actually started yesterday when we received an email from someone named John Goodman (isn't that hilarious?) telling us that the hotel was over booked and asking if anyone was willing to stay in the hotel .3 miles up the road. The first 15 to volunteer would receive $80 to spend at the bookstore. Amy and I jumped at the opportunity and we will now be staying at the Courtyard and shopping at the bookstore! I am really excited. Really excited.

The next order of business is to figure out if any of the bags we have are small enough to carry-on AND large enough to hold my necessities. Then I'll need to get tiny bottles of everything, etc. A friend is lending me her copy of The Help by Kathryn Stockett, I am charging my MP3 player and camera battery, and looking forward to 47 degree weather and sunshine. AND I'll get to hear Jerram Barrs (one of the professors at the seminary HERE) speak on discipleship!

It's gonna be great.

Funny side note: my sister is going to be in Atlanta this weekend too. She is taking her husband to a basketball game (he is an Alabama boy who is a Mavericks fan? Go figure.). We are going to see if our paths can cross.

Hope YOU have a great weekend too.


Catherine said...

I'm excited for you. $80 on books? You'd have to be crazy not to jump at that!

Our weekend isn't nearly so exciting as that, but I can't wait for it anyway. Weekends are good.

Hope you have a great time!

Jawan said...

You will have a blast....wish I could come play with you all.

amy said...

wait a are going to be in ATLANTA!?!?! any free time at all?? i can come to you?

Anonymous said...

What fun says your mother!!!

Debbie said...

Must be the weekend to travel. I am heading to Texas to see Dawn and her new baby :). I don't have to miss a birthday, but I do have to miss H finding out whether or not she makes the middle school soccer team. I will either have to console or cheer (hopefully) from a distance. Hope you have a wonderful time at the conference!! Can't wait to hear all about it :).

Julia said...

I'm realy, really, really excited for you too. If I can travel with a carryon for a week you can do it too. Have a wonderful expierence!

annaj said...

our paths are going to cross saturday at noon!!

Amy Mac said...

LOVED The Help!!!