Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today's Ten Thoughts

1. My sewing is evidence to the Fall. I've been sewing my three last tea wallets and there isn't a straight line on any of them. Good grief.

2. Today we ran to the store to get ingredients for a meal I'm taking a friend. Bubba looked down at the melting snow (the sun came out today) and said, "The snow is peeing." That's hilarious.

3. KB grabbed the iron yesterday and has a second degree burn on her left palm. The dime size blister popped in the grocery store today. How did I know? There was a literal yelp. Now I have to cut away the skin to help prevent infection. I'm waiting on Jeremy to get home so he can hold her still. I get nauseous just thinking about doing it.

4. My brother and his family are flying out tomorrow to the other side of the planet. I know we didn't talk every day and we only saw each other four times. . . but it was nice knowing we could talk whenever we wanted (no time difference to calculate) and if we wanted to see each other it was possible. DEEP SIGH

5. I gave my kids baby carrots for snack today and they are sitting here looking at it like it's poison. Bubba is devouring his. . .

6. Little's birthday is next month and I need to think about it.

7. Sunday I was dressing Bubba and put him in an undershirt. I was telling him that this extra layer would help him stay warm. His comment? "I look like Daddy. I am a short Daddy." LOVE that.

8. My kids aren't going to want their dinner tonight either.

9. KB says every word that starts with "th" as if it starts with "f". She also tilts her head and squints a bit when she is talking seriously about anything. It's adorable.

10. American Idol starts tonight. I can't decide if I am going to watch it.


Tracie said...

I am sorry to hear KB burned her hand. :(

Oh, that's a big no to AI for me. I can't stand the drama anymore. This is the first season I haven't watched.

Have fun if you do decide to watch it. It should be entertaining.

Kitty said...

I almost peed myself when I read #2.