Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Post with Lots of Dot Dot Dots

Memom has said that she is going through photo withdrawal. Funny thing is that I haven't taken many photos - we haven't done much that is photo worthy. . . unless you want photos of KB saying, "No!" and Little stomping her feet and yelling, "I am NOT going to do it." Or maybe one of Bubba with his lower lip sticking out and him whimpering, "I am so sad." Or maybe. . . you get the picture. It's been a rough January at the Blue Hutch.

Still, even the devil can come off charming at times, so here's a few cute moments. . . potentially the only cute moments. (Except there was this moment when I was sitting on the new couch with KB snuggling her blanket on my lap, Bubba snuggled up to my side, and Little playing her Leap Pad at the other end of the furniture. The kids were watching Sesame Street all tucked in around me and I FELL ASLEEP! I would have LOVED a photo of that.)

This is KB just moments after burning her hand on the iron. We went from hysterical tears to gentle giggles for three hours. If her hand stayed on the cold cloth she was okay. The moment she took her hand off it was BAD NEWS. She screamed and screamed at nap time but once she fell asleep the rest of the day was fine . . . she also had Ibuprofen kicking strong by then.

KB showin' her love for the headband. ALSO - what is it with that sharp tooth??? That sucker looks lethal . . . no pun intended.

My two sweet men counting. Honey was emptying his change jar and that was right up Bubba's alley. They were entertained here for quite some time.

Nothing but cuteness.


Julia said...

the last photo of KB is a framer...

Debbie said...

Glad you posted what you had--even if it has been a picture slow January. You have definitely taken more than I have!

Allison said...

we've been struggling too, especially Nathan. He has the strongest will I have ever seen and it wears me out!! will pray for you (and you pray for me!)