Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Tree

Until last year my Christmas tree has gone up the day after Thanksgiving every year since I graduated from college. I am a Christmas junky - I love almost everything about the season. Last year we put the tree up on Saturday after Turkey day - while the kids were napping. This year my sweet husband sucked it up and stayed up a little late to put the tree together after the kids went to bed on Friday.

Now I know you are mumbling things about "Christmas if for children" and "what a bunch of scrooges" etc. But deciding to put up the tree while our kids were dreaming sweet dreams guaranteed that there was peace on earth and good will while decorating. PLUS it made the next morning so fun.

We had gone out that Friday night to a park here in town where there are hundreds of thousands of lights to drive through while listening to Christmas music. It has become our little family tradition to ring in the season this way and the kids were more fun to watch than the lights. KB was ecstatic and Little just kept saying "oooooh" and Bubba named everything he saw. It was so fun. (On the way out of the park KB said, "A snowman, mamma. He was wavin at me." SO CUTE) So the kids were ready for lights, trees and Christmas.

Saturday morning Little came down the stairs and around the corner to the den; she was talking the whole way. She rambled on about what clothes she was going to put on and that she was going to go see if Bubba was awake and, "oooh! You moved the computer and (she began jumping up and down and clapping her hands above her head) YOU PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE!" She ran to get KB (Honey got her out of her crib) and KB came running into the den and slid up to the nativity under the tree like some famous ball player sliding into home.

KB was more excited about the Lil' People Nativity than she was the tree, I think. She picked up each piece and said, "It'sa cow." etc. When she picked up the manger she cradled it in her hands and said, "Aww. It's Moses."

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Julia said...

I love the KB bed head in the first photo. Reminds me of my hair when I was to love the static in the cold months.