Wednesday, December 16, 2009

O Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

I was almost in an accident last week.

The children and I were driving down a busy road at 5:00PM and the traffic was terrible. Besides there being LOTS of cars, there were lots of stoplights and so people were braking constantly and suddenly. (Birmingham folks, think 280) So, the car a couple slots ahead of me slammed on brakes which led to each car behind him doing so, in turn, and I was one of those said cars. The guy behind me slammed on his brakes as did the guy behind him. That third car behind me - slow on the draw. There was a skid and crash into the car behind me which pushed that car toward my back bumper. Thankfully the guy ahead of me started moving and I was able to immediately pull forward out of harms way. I was pretty shaken up but the worst part of the event was that I instinctively said, "Crap". (sorry, mom)

Presently, KB started saying "cwap" over and over (it's really cute coming out of her mouth.) I had to tell her it was an ugly word and I shouldn't have said it, and I am sorry but mommy needs Jesus too. She said, "Fowgive you." and then proceeded to say "cwap". I took the "ignore it and she'll tire of it" approach.

Yesterday we went to return an item at Penney's and then met Honey at Chick-fil-a for dinner. Now, for three years we have lived here and our street has ended at a stop light onto a major road (route 66) with no oncoming traffic. Just last month they opened a road across from us and I have not gotten used to it yet. I went to turn left at the light and the oncoming car didn't like the thought that I would plow into the side of his new Lexus (the road leads to a new Lexus dealership) and he sat on his new horn. I said. . . you'll never guess. . . "Oh! So sorry!!!" In the back seat KB said, "Cwap, momma??"



Marcie said...


On a similar note, Jack has come home with a new phrase from school. "What the?!" The kids at school say it and leave off any ending. It is just "What the?!" He doesn't quite understand why he isn't allowed to say it since it has no bad words and since he doesn't even know what bad words would be at the end. Ah, the innocence. May it last a long time.

annaj said...

Don't sweat it! You could've said worse - I have. And Cole is old enough to realize it!

emily said...

That's funny! Yesterday Owen was playing with his nativity while I was cooking dinner and Mary fell off the roof of the stable (not totally sure why she was up there to begin with except that Owen likes her to hang out with the angel). Owen yells, "Dang it!" really loud. I'm glad that it wasn't something worse, but we're working on more 2 year-old appropriate expressions of frustration around here, too!

Debbie said...

Makes me laugh out loud :).