Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Morning

Today is the day. Today I must sew 15 teacher gifts. I also must have an IEP type meeting for Little, grocery shop for an office Christmas party tomorrow night, and remember the other thing I am supposed to do.

Little woke up this morning at 4:55AM. Honey went in to change her and get her set up with something quiet to do so the rest of the house would stay asleep. She talked non-stop the entire time he was in there. I thought it was so cute. He came back to bed and said, "1500 of my words for the day are already used." I laughed out loud.

When I was little we lived in a very small town called Locust and my friend Bobby was always getting left at church on Sunday's by his family. Seriously - it happened a lot. I never understood how they could leave him behind. Last Wednesday I forgot Little and left her at school. Sorry Barbees. (KB's school was cancelled due to a power failure and so my schedule was thrown off - oh, that's where Bubba gets that - and I forgot it was Wednesday. I know I didn't HAVE to explain but I WANTED to.) I think we've almost worked through all the times I have been judgmental and there is very little left to come back and bite me in the hiney.

Honey worked until 10:00PM last night. I got all the presents wrapped. I should have sewn 15 teacher gifts.

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