Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little's New Coat

I can't find the post from last year's coat shopping trip. Do you remember it? I took Little to Burlington Coat Factory and she had her mind set on the puffy orange coat. I tried to sway her heart with every other "calm" coat in her size, but every coat had a rip, stain, or other flaw. And her heart was really set on that puffy orange coat (OPC).

We got the OPC. I can't tell you how many compliments she got throughout the cold months. EVERYONE seemed to love that OPC!

Flash forward a year and we are back at Burlington Coat Factory after a humiliating note from Little's teacher. There are tons of coats in Little's size and I, as an adult, gravitate toward the subtle colors - chocolate with pink trim, brown with brown trim, etc. Little walks straight up to a puffy YELLOW coat and says, "I like this one." I looked and the price was good so we tried it on (I had learned my lesson the year before.). She looked adorable and her heart was, once again, sold on a puffy coat. I asked three times, "What about this one?" in regard to different coats and each time she replied nonchalantly, "No - I like this one." The conversation came to an end when I said, "So, you like the yellow one," and Little replied, "That's what I said to you."

Little in her yellow puffy coat.


Debbie said...

That's a GREAT coat--and she will be warm, right! :)

Anonymous said...

She's adorable in her YPC. MM

Melanie said...

As the mother of a girl, I decided long ago (and Sandra's only 6) that fashion is not one of the hills worth dying on. Sandra's taste is often quite different than my own, but at least she's getting to express her budding personality...and I don't have to get her dressed in the morning! It can be hard, though, when I see some of the other girls her age wearing cute and coordinated outfits. :)