Monday, December 7, 2009


I am pretty sure I am not a negligent mom. Pretty sure.

Black Friday I went out shopping for one thing - the thing I saw as an answer to prayer - a $7 coat for Little. KB has a heavy coat that is a hand-me-down from Little. I was determined not to pay $35 for a coat Bubba and/or Little would wear for four months and so I began to pray.

On Black Friday, Old Navy had perfect coats for Bubba and they were 50% off - $15. Honey ordered one online while I was shopping for Little.

I arrived and was thankful to find one coat in what I thought would be Little's size. Only one. Then I grabbed one in the next size just in case. Well, she fit in the smaller one perfectly and I was singing thanks.

Stupid. Cheap. Jacket.

Turned out this $7 reversible jacket was apparently not God's final answer to my need but a step on the road to sanctification. The zipper won't zip. It gets stuck on the fabric on the reversible side. Way stuck. For a girl who has a hard enough time zipping with an easy zipper, this has been a nightmare.

This morning was the last straw. It took me too long to get that sucker on her. I was settled on the fact we were going to return that baby and get her something that would work.

Then to top off my frustration this morning, we couldn't find Little's glasses. NO TELLING where they were. I asked her as if it would help and she knew nothing (of course). I looked and found nothing. As the bus pulled up I threw my hands in the air and literally prayed, "Lord, you'll have to do it again. You seem to be the only One who ever knows where the kids lay their glasses. Please show us where they are." and I sent Little off to school.

This afternoon I received a note from Little's teacher written in Little's voice, "I had a hard time today without my glasses. Cutting on the line is already hard for me but I tried my best."
THEN there was another note (added later) that said, "We have had some trouble with Little's zipper. Mrs. Williams has voiced her concern now that the weather has turned colder."

Felt like I had my hand slapped. Felt like it was implied I was a bad mom.
Honestly, I have felt more "peer pressure" since my child started Kindergarten than I remember feeling in K-12!!!

Yep, we went out and bought Little's new coat this afternoon. Me and three children manuevering through Burlington Coat Factory.

Oh and KB "accidentally" found Little's glasses in the basket of puzzles under her crib when she crawled out for the second time during naps today.

To sum up:
Tried to save $$ on a coat and ended up with a dud.
Little's teachers are aware of her daily needs.
I am aware of Little's needs and committed to meeting her needs.
God cares about the location of glasses and providing better coats at good prices in His own timing.


Julia said...

This has always gotten me through... Dear St. Anthony please come around something is lost that must be found! Or if you want to jazz it up like my friend Stephe use to say...Tony, Tony turn around... Sending good thoughts your way my friend.

Debbie said...

You are a great mom, doing a superb job with your kids! Don't let any note from a teacher make you think anything different :). So glad God provided for the glasses to be found and for a new coat. We are praying to find the one missing ballet slipper :(.

Allison said...

we've definitely all had days like that and our enemy loves to whisper condeming thoughts and steal our joy- but b/c of His grace you are living a life of love before your children- hold on to that truth!! Another good thing is we are so tired that you won't even remember this bad day in about a week!!!