Friday, December 4, 2009

Bubs and Drake

This past Sunday some friends had to drive a couple hours for a visitation and asked if we would have their son over for the afternoon. It took no thought to say yes - Bubba talks about very few people but Drake is one of those people. I couldn't wait to see them together.

It was a pretty funny afternoon. Drake doesn't talk a lot so for the first time EVER it seemed like Bubba was a jabber-jaws. After an hour of them goofing off in Bub's room and me listening to every word, I suggested a quiet activity in the den. The girls were asleep and I hoped this would help them stay that way.

Hoping to help Bubba stay still, I sent him to get his bean bag and blanket. He plopped down and Drake plopped down right beside him. They both stuck their thumbs in their mouths and got ready for Cars.

This is how they sat/laid for about half an hour. . . then they were up and at it again.