Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Meal

Our friends, the Summeralls, came to share Thanksgiving with us. Nicole said if I would do the turkey then she would do everything else. Sounds great, eh? Thing is I LIKE cooking for Thanksgiving and Honey is pretty particular about his sweet potatoes, so I said I would do a turkey, sweet potatoes, and a dessert.

I used the same recipe for the turkey rub that I have used for five years and I have to say it was yummy. I used the same sweet potato casserole recipe I have used for years and Honey said, "It is your best yet!"

I got a recipe for a pumpkin dessert from my "blog friend" Melissa. It sounded yummy but I melted butter that wasn't supposed to be melted and so it looked kinda ugly. It didn't matter because we never had dessert. As a matter of fact I JUST pulled out the "pumpkin pie cake" and gave some to the kids and I wish you could see them devouring it! It is YUMMY. KB is licking her plate as I type.

Thanks, Melissa! I'm thankful you shared!
Now if I can get Nicole to give me her dressing recipe - it was so good.

What did you have for Thanksgiving??


B said...

We did things a little different this year....our "official" Thanksgiving was the Saturday prior to the big day. But on the actual Thanksgiving Day, my sweet daughter prepared a wonderful ham/potato dish done in the crock pot, some sweet/sour green beans that were delicious and a salad along with crescent rolls. Dessert was some kind of cheesecake that was also yummy! It sure made the drive home easier, cause I was not tempted to stop for a snack. :) Love ya! B

Nicole said...

Ok, a few things.
1) Thanks for having us
2) Sorry for the Chaos
3). Just had some of the pumpkin dessert today-SO YUMMY!
4). Where's the picture?