Friday, November 27, 2009

I am NOT depressed - just pensive

Things are getting rough 'round these parts.
This is what Honey found today when he heard KB calling, "Daddy - I tuck". Ten minutes later she had climbed into her baby bed and broke the bottom out of it. You notice there is no picture of that. . . the parents were NOT amused.
Next you will see what may look quite innocent:

I am so sick and tired of that duvet ending up on the floor. Don't worry, there has been plenty of correcting, instructing, disciplining - to no avail. EVERY time she goes in Bubba's room, the first thing she does is climb up on the bed and push all pillows and the comforter off. It's like something isn't connecting in Little's brain. (pun intended)

I know the role of the parent is to prepare their children to live independently; to train them in Truth so they live to glorify their Heavenly Father, but I have to say I feel like all my time is spent "correcting, rebuking, and training in righteousness" and I am growing weary.

I keep telling myself that they won't be this young forever - cherish every memory - one day we'll laugh about _______. The truth of that makes me want to cry even harder.


Helen said...

I pray tomorrow is an easier day, for your encouragement!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

I agree. It seems all I ever do is tell kids to put_____ away, "does that go on the floor?" and am catching them in the lies they told of what they did or didn't do. Some days I want to just let them play and give the teaching responsibility to some one else!! I'm tired of being the ogre.

Melanie said...

Your title TOTALLY describes how I feel today!