Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Cont'd

Did you realize Halloween was a full moon night? It was. Little pointed it out to me while we were trick-or-treating. An orderly in the ER mentioned it again later that night.

Yep. ER. Later that night.

About 11:30PM a pain popped into the back of my neck and quickly spread throughout my entire head. I have never felt pain like that; I couldn't hear. Multiple Tylenol did nothing. After an hour of nervously watching me try to find a comfortable position while holding my head and moaning, Honey called the doctor and they said the hospital was our destination.

Next decision was who to call to stay with the kids. I HATE living far from family! We called our sitter/friend, Anna, but she didn't answer her phone. My friend Jean has been having back trouble and I figured there was a real shot she was already awake. Honey called her and she actually had just gotten up to read! My favorite part of this story is that I heard Honey say, "Jean, we need help. We need to go to the ER. . ." and then he said, "OK. Thank you so much." See, that's all Jean had to hear and she broke in with, "I'm on my way."

So, 3.5 hours, an IV, cat scan, and nice dose of morphine later, we were sent home. I have had a headache ever since but no explanation for the pain. Kinda felt stupid to tell you the truth. Still, I have never felt anything like that and my sweet Honey insists he would take me again in a heart beat. He was really worried about me.

My mom comes today. She can't get here fast enough in my mind!


Debbie said...

So glad you are ok! What a precious friend you have. Glad your mom is on the way, too. Enjoy!

Allison said...

LOVE the themed costumes- they look precious. OK, I 'm sure that freezing here doesn't compare to there, but it was in the 40s w/ only a high of 52 and raining- doesn't that count for something? love to you...

Megan said...

My word. I'm so sorry. I know the feeling of wondering who to call in that situation. It happened to us when we lived on campus and I even began crying in the parking lot because I didn't know which family I could wake up at 2am and be okay with it.

Yep. Have I ever mentioned campus life was hard for us?

Glad you are home. Hope the pain goes away very soon.