Thursday, October 29, 2009


This blog post is rated B for Blame shifting. It is not appropriate for those who won't throw a bit of grace my way.
This is Amy. Amy W to be exact. She is my friend - a dear friend. Someone I like a lot. (Blame shifting now) Amy has never left a comment on my blog, that I can remember. When Amy calls me on the phone she says her full name - first and last. Last week when Amy signed up to try and win the Jesus Storybook Bible, she left a comment (shock) and didn't leave her last name (amazement). So, I assumed the Amy W. was someone else. I am so sorry.

It really isn't Amy's fault at all (but I have said enough that she will apologize six times now *grin*). I goofed and I am sorry. The other Amy didn't leave the comment - she (obviously) doesn't even read the blog anymore because I didn't hear a word from her. So. . .

Congrats, Amy W. I am thrilled to give one of these precious books to such a precious friend. I'll get it to you this weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

First....Exactly what am I looking at in this picture?!? I look deeply in thought....but I never think that hard. Also, I am SOOOOO excited that I won!!!! SO EXCITED!!! I never leave a comment because I feel self-concious about it, maybe now that will all change and I will be a frequent commenter.....or maybe not. But always know that I love you!!!

Amy Wilkerson (also known as Amy W or Amy "your wanna-be best friend")