Thursday, October 29, 2009

Field Trip - Pumpkin Patch

What seemed like a gazillion Kindergarteners decended on the pumpkin patch last Wednesday. It was fun to be with my eldest - alone - for the first time in ages. We were given tickets to the "haunted house", instructions for picking a pumpkin, and an alphabet scavenger hunt to complete.

This was the "haunted house" - an inflatable house with an inflatable ghost and spider inside. Little told me it was funny. I didn't go in but Little's TA went with her.

This is Mrs. Biltman, Little's TA. We are so thankful for her help and hard work with Little. She spends the entire morning with Little, helps her stay on task, moves her from place to place, and so much more. My mommy heart can't express it's gratitude.

It was a fun day for all!


Debbie said...

Looks like fun! I am heading to the Nature Preserve tomorrow with E. I am driving and will have a car full of busy 2nd graders :). Just hope it doesn't rain!

Julia said...

Okay...I won't even tell you what I think of the opening of the Haunted House reminds me of...reference a Everyone Loves Raymond Episode when Marie takes an Art Class. "Marie's Sculpture" Episode #0105 Season 6.