Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Title Will Do

I am a verbal processor. This is rarely a positive quality because it means I basically vomit my thoughts without thinking them through . . . because I am, by definition, processing my thoughts through verbalizing them. This last sentence was my unintentional way of proving what I was saying.

This quality came to life in full color tonight in our small group at church. We were discussing this morning’s sermon and repentance. The question was a personal one, “How does repentance play a part in your life?” I try to hold back on these because of my puking tendencies but tonight I was in rare form. I just threw up all these things about me and my need for true repentance. I even teared up a bit. Just a little bit self conscious because, well I was processing as I spoke so that means it didn’t come out very well at all. All mixed up . . . like vomit.

Okay, enough puke references - - my mother is going to email me as it is.

There was also a very long discussion about the Pharisees being present while John the Baptist was preaching and how the Jewish people must have found hope in a message so opposite from what the Pharisees taught.

In the car on our way home Honey opened his mouth for the second time tonight. The first time was to comment on the Saved by the Bell reunion and Screeches absence which makes me feel somewhat better about my own comments *wink* but the comment in the car was nothing short of amazing.

Our pastor began the sermon this morning by telling us that one of the questions the pulpit/search committee had asked him was, “If you were to come to the Kirk, what would the church look like?” (something like that) Mark’s answer was along these lines, “My prayer would be that the church would become offensive to those who were offended by Jesus.” After he made this comment I remember wondering how it was going to fit into the forthcoming sermon on Matthew 3 and I remember that I never realized how it did. My Honey, who ruminates instead of spewing, got it. He shared his thoughts with me oh so lackadaisically in the car. . .

He referred to Mark’s comment this morning and then pointed out that the people went into the desert to hear John because he had a message of hope. The people who were offended by what John said were the religious folks – the Pharisees. In scripture it is usually NOT the sinners who are offended by Jesus’ message – it’s the religious people. In light of Mark’s comment, that would mean that the people who would be offended by the Kirk would be the religious folks. The people caught up in religious tradition and ACTS. The prayer is that the message of the Gospel would be so clear and our lives would be so reflective of His Truth, that sinners would be drawn to Jesus (not our church, mind you, Jesus.).


I asked him why he didn’t share these words of wisdom and he responded, “I was having trouble thinking straight. I am just so tired.” Yeah, this is the kind of stuff my Honey comes up with when he isn’t thinking straight.

He would never tell you all this – he’s the thinker.
I am more than willing to share – I’m the spewer!


This Place is a Disaster! said...

ya know, being the religion that I am, we find the most people that are offended by our beliefs are the people who also, like us, strongly believe in God and gospel principles. NOT the unfaithful and uneducated in things of religion.
Unfortunately, for some people faith and the things they know cause them to have that pride and be offended in the long run.
There's my spew!

Kitty Laird said...

And this post is exactly why I like you guys. Can't tell me how comforting it is that there is a fellow vomiter in my midst, and hearing your husband occasionally say something in a meeting has been a privilege.

annaj said...

i'm the odd girl out in the family

Julia said...

I love me a Southern Thinker and a Southern Projectile vomiting Christian lady!