Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baking Days and Meatballs

Baking Days are sweeping the blogging world and I LOVE the idea. Stresses me out, but I love the idea. My friend Amy just cooked an ungodly amount of beans (by accident, I think) and then linked me to this blog for a recipe called "brown bag burritos". Of course I keep perusing the blog and came upon a recipe for BBQ Meatballs. Sounds yummy but I realized I don't know what to do with meatballs!

Can anybody help me???


Amy @ Finer Things said...

When you fix the BBQ meatballs, serve them up with a cheesy potato casserole and green beans. YUM!

amy said...

got to love it when the source answers your question!! and amy, we LOVE the brown bag burritos!!

and yes, the bean cooking overdose was a total and complete mistake!

Tracie said...

You could make a sandwich with them. Serve with a salad or chips.

Julia said... have a party. The majority of the meatballs I have eaten in my lifetime have been at a party.

Meagan Price said...

Italian Wedding Soup!!!!!!!!!!!