Friday, October 16, 2009

My Drawers - NOT

Honey is out camping at a church men's retreat. I use the word camping lightly since he is staying at the conference center and sleeping in a real bed in a climate controlled room. Still, they cooked over an open fire tonight, are roasting marshmallows etc., and fishing, hiking and more are planned for tomorrow. Whatever - the main point is that I was home in quiet all evening this evening!

I decided to ditch the drawer and do so much more! My friend Amy inspired me to multitask in the kitchen AND I have a few crafty projects that need work so I got to it. . .

First I plopped the last 2lbs of ground beef from our cow into a pan to brown and set about creating two quiches to cook.

While the quiches were cooking and the hamburger was cooling, I set about chopping up 7 peppers for freezing. Aldi had colored peppers 3/$1 last week and I bought 9. Wish now I had gotten 9 more. Live and learn.

All of this was in the hour before dinner. I would have gotten more done but the pepper pan slipped in the freezer and dumped the peppers all over and I had to clean them up wash them off and "start again".

After the kids went to bed I mixed up a batch of Jumbo Breakfast Cookies and while they cooked I sewed casings for elastic in the Bubba's halloween costume, started KB's birthday tshirt, and hunted down my rotary cutter.

I saved out enough of these for breakfast in the morning and the rest went in the freezer.

The last hour was spent making appliques for tshirts.

The plan is for them to look something like this.

And then I got started on the tooth fairy pillow. (NOT going to use the red plaid.)

It's amazing what I can get done when my husband is away. Oh! I sound just like my mother!


Debbie said...

Impressive!! Isn't it fun to have something to show for your time? The pillow looks so cute. I've never heard of breakfast cookies. They look like oatmeal raisin--what else is in them?

Anonymous said...

I love the T-shirt idea. Please take pictures when complete. MM

Anonymous said...

I'd also like the recipe for breakfast cookies. Sounds like a great idea for grandchildren when they spend the night.MM

annaj said...

wow, i'm intimidated, and a bit ashamed

Kitty Laird said...

Breakfast cookie recipe, please!!! The kidlets are bored (and so am I).

Kitty Laird said...

Oh, and I got absolutely nothing done while John was away. I'm terribly impressed.