Friday, October 16, 2009

Greys Anatomy

I've been a Grey's fan from the beginning. I missed last season because of the Walmart gig, but quickly caught up in September watching all season on line.

For a couple seasons in the middle I was ready to say "adios" to Seattle Grace. The plots were tired, overly angsty, and there was just too much drama in my own life to stomach the drama on the show. I hung in there though and, if you eliminate the entire Torres storyline which is purely political in nature, the writers have redeemed themselves.

It has to be said. The way they handled TR Knight and Katherine Heigl leaving the show was BRILLIANT! First to do George the way they did (I knew he was leaving and still gasped!) and then to keep Izzy around for a few more episodes. . . brilliant.
And a liver transplant is a great way to get a pregnant cast member off screen but keep her involved. MUCH better than having her carry strategically placed clipboards!
I'm a fan. I am a fan.


Anonymous said...

I THOUGHT SHE WAS PREGNANT! I could see that baby bump in amongst those covers. live ya!

The Lovealls said...

Me too! I have been very happy this season!