Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Drawers - Drawer 2

It's embarrassing, really. I do this stuff forgetting I am going to have to face some of you people at church. Still, onward we go. . .

The Bedside Table Drawer

He Wasn't Afraid to Get Wet (Arch Book)
Preschool Complete Curriculum
Edge of His Ways (Amy Carmichael)
I Spy
Folk and Fairy Tale set
Because He Loves Me
Our Special Child
2008 Educational Catalog

Famous Footwear coupon
Community Education brochure
Christmas wish list from last year
Empty file folder
2 legal pads
unopened bath squirters (toys for kids)???
Sight word flash cards
cosmetic bag
1 page protector
2 paper clips
1 spiral notebook
2006-2007 calendar
car adapter for recharging the camera battery (would be more beneficial in the car!)
2 bottles Tylenol PM (unopened)
Leslie Sansone DVD
Leslie Sansone book on CD
4 kids' CDs
1 pen
1 plastic clip thingy
47 packs of gum (all were free); 16 of which came up from the kitchen drawer yesterday

Basically, none of it belongs in this drawer. For the moment I put a couple things back in:

It has occurred to me that I am not sure what should go in one's bedside table drawer. I have my book, some lotion, and a pen in the top drawer, but what is that huge bottom one for??? I might just use it for a sock drawer! I need a sock drawer.


This Place is a Disaster! said...

That is not what you would find in my bedside drawer . . .however, I can't say I really use anything in my drawer! Sounds like I need a good cleaning too!

stephanie said...

I have my socks beside my bed!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so encouraging to me. My husband just issued me an ultimatum when he reached for glue in our kitchen "junk" drawer and came up with a bottle of KY. With my brother-in-law and oldest nephew looking over his shoulder. I don't even know why it was there!

Shannon said...

I have to ask, do you guys chew a lot of gum? You have packs and packs in your kitchen junk drawer too. I guess it could be worse, right?

Dawn said...

I have underwear and pjs in my top drawer and socks and workout clothes and socks in the bottom one. This is my only bedroom drawer space, so I have to make it count!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

okay, only because lifemoreabundant brought it up - but I realized that my 18 month old was playing in the drwer next to my bed when he started crying. He came to me with his tongue sticking out wiping it again and again . . .he found the "warming KY"!"
TMI? Perhaps, but oh so funny!

Kitty Laird said...

All I want to know is how you got all that free gum! I would be in heaven!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Becky, you just made me feel so much better! I am not the only one with drawers filled with random stuff! :)
Love, Mindy