Friday, October 23, 2009

A Leaf Walk

You remember that song we used to sing, "Goin' on a bear hunt. . ."? Yea, well, we didn't do that. We went on a leaf hunt. At least that is what we were going to do, but this is the kind of cooperation I got from the children:

I said let's walk this way and they ran that way. I said look at this leaf and they had to go to the bathroom. I said look at the camera and they looked anywhere else. It was ridiculous. And look at the leaves, people. They were gorgeous and everywhere - "ripe" for the picking!

I finally coerced the kids to gather a few of the fallen treasures (I was planning for us to iron them between wax paper but lost the joy QUICKLY)

and even got a picture with them all looking at the camera.

Nice, eh? So happy to be there.

To sum up. . . My plan to celebrate Fall with a leaf walk fell flat.

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Debbie said...

I think it was a wonderful idea--even if they didn't :).