Friday, October 23, 2009

It is Finished

Now we are just waiting for this guy to come out. Yeah, the one that is jutting out because it is loose. The one that is turning dark because the root is broken. The one that is making my darling little 5 year old look like she chews tobacco and opens beer bottles with her teeth. . . I mean tooth.

Little had never heard about the tooth fairy and so I told her about how one puts their newly lost tooth into the pocket on the pillow and hangs it on the door when they go to sleep. Then the tooth fairy will come, take the tooth (she looked dismayed), and leave some money (her eyes lit up - it was as if she was thinking, "How can I get all my teeth to come out?"). She asked one question, "Will my tooth grow back?" I let her know that a new tooth would grow in just like Buddy, the TRex on The Dinosaur Train and she felt much better.

When daddy got home she told him, "I'm going to put my tooth in the pillow and the fairy will take it and give me money for my piggy bank. I'm going to save it for my laptop."

Oh, haven't I told you? Little is saving for a laptop of her very own. That's another post.


Melanie said...

Your pillow turned out so cute!

Sandra basically let all her teeth fall out on their own b/c she was so scared of the pain of pulling them. There are definitely times I know people stared b/c of how crooked and out of place they got. She actually swallowed one in her sleep b/c she wouldn't pull it!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

The cousins tooth fairy left $5. My children are not going to be so happy when the tooth fairy comes - they'll be down right diapointed!