Thursday, October 22, 2009

In a Canyon. . .

After days of silence I return to you with a story of frugal goodness. It's a story with God's goodness written all over it (does that mean God is frugal?), which makes it even more fun to tell.

October 28, 2008 I bought a gift certificate on for Canyon Cafe. I paid $2 and got the $25 gift certificate, good for one year from date of purchase. That would be next week. I would NEVER have remembered this except that Jeremy's was given a gift card to the Canyon Cafe last week! I said, "Oooh! I have a gift certificate for there, I think." Yah dah. Yah dah.

Tuesday night of this week Honey and I loaded up and went to Canyon Cafe for dinner. Anna, our sweet friend and keeper of our children, gave baths and tucked our little ones in for us.

So where is God in all this? Really? Do you have to ask? Well, it's more than you think. Not only the gift card (completely random) and the year old gift certificate (I knew where it was - miracle), but we had a super time even though we were exhausted AND didn't talk about our children all night!

The thing with these gift certificates is that you have to order $35 worth of food to get the $25 off. Still a great deal, right? Ever tried to order $35 of food at a Mexican Grill?? That's a lot of enchiladas! SO, we had yummy steak. Not grass fed, I feel sure, but delicious all the same.

I had CARNE ASADA*11-oz fire-grilled sirloin topped with sauteed peppers,onions, mushrooms and melted Jack cheese. With southwest rice, black beans and flour tortillas.

Honey had ADOVO RIBEYE STEAK*Fire-grilled 10-oz ribeye steak topped with spicy adovo mushrooms and grated cheese. Served with chile mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Talk about goo-oo-d!

At this point you are wondering if this is a paid advertisement - it is not. It is just me sitting in a quiet house remember how yummy that dinner was, how great the conversation was, and how we walked out of there with 1/2 our gift card so we can go back again.

Now THAT's a great date night!!!


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I've been to that restaurant several times when we lived in St. Louis. (with my parents and with my aunt/uncle when Sophie was a tiny baby!)
We have always LOVED eating there! Aren't the sweet potato chips that they bring out as a free appetizer SO amazing?!
I am SO SO SO Jealous of your $2 deal!!! I read your post the day after they ended that deal, and was SO SO SAD I had missed it!
But so glad that you got it!

Tracie said...

If I had a Canyon Cafe gift certificate, it would be used the day it was in hand. You have amazing will power! I love the black and blue quesadillas. :) Glad you all got out and enjoyed yourself!