Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Transition Song

Those of you who chose to sit through the Around The Table post heard Bubba singing a song about everything changing. This is a song his music therapist taught him at school to help him through unexpected changes in his daily routine. Music has an AMAZING affect on our little man and this song can work some magic in situations that would have once caused meltdowns.

Basically the words are as follows:
Sometimes things stay the same. Sometimes things change.
Sometimes we _______________. Sometimes we _______________.
Everything changes and that's okay.

Last week we were all in the car after two errands (grocery and Target). Our quickie grocery store (Schnucks) is across the street from Target and has our bank right out front (this is important, sorta). We had gone to Schnucks and the bagger had given each child an absurd amount of Schnucks stickers. Little and KB had their bodies covered by the time we got to the car; Bubba held his strip of stickers and kept them neat and clean.

We proceeded to Target and by the time we were all back in the car to return home, one of Bubba's stickers had torn. How do I know? I heard a little voice say, "Momma, mine is broken." After an immediate Pretty Woman trigger went off in my head, I regained myself and asked what was broken. As I pulled out of the parking lot my son answered, "My sticker is broken, Momma. You need to fix it."

I explained that I could not fix it while I was driving but we could take a look at it when we got home. What was my son's response? He broke into song. .

"Sometimes things stay the same. Sometimes things change.
Sometimes we broke a sticker; sometimes we . . . (pause to think - sees our bank as we drive by) go to the bank.
Everything changes - and that's okay."

Now, if that wasn't cute and dear enough, the next few minutes gave me unbelievable insight into the anxieties and issues that are truly important to my son. He continued singing (I am not going to type the whole song each time, but he sang the entire song each time. You'll get the drift.)

"Sometimes we go to Memom's. Sometimes we go to home."
"Sometimes we go to school. Sometimes we go to church."
"Sometimes we change our clothes. Sometimes we play awhile."
"Sometimes we go to the zoo. Sometimes we ride the carousel."
"Sometimes we ride the cat. Sometimes we ride the frog." (on the carousel)

Now you may wonder how I still remember all these. I pulled over and wrote them down! Seriously! I just don't know that I realized how much the variety of life means to my son - and not always in a good way. I feel like this insight was such a gift.


Debbie said...

I love that you pulled over to write it all down--you are a great mom!

annaj said...

Sometimes your blog makes me cry,
Sometimes your blog makes me laugh.
Everything changes.

This Place is a Disaster! said...


I think it's fabulous that in the mind, it has become a way of dealing with things!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Bubba! I feel so much for your little boy! He craves consistency and routine and here he is dealing with LOTS of changes on a daily basis. I have a "not special" brain and I think this song could help me! Especially when my world gets rocked and I don't understand the changes God or people make in my life. :) What a guy! Love that Bubba!
Stacy R