Thursday, September 24, 2009

MRI - Mommy 3, Bubba 1

That's right - I have now been privy to three MRI experiences with my children. Little has had two and Bubba had one this past Wednesday. Here he is watching "Super Why!" and waiting for his IV to be inserted. What a life, eh?

He sat JUST like this for an hour and then they whisked him away so I wouldn't have to watch them put him to sleep. I then spent the next 75 min. eating breakfast, trying to read my weekly Bible study, and texting back and forth with two friends.

When he woke up it was GREAT! He was so loopy! My usually quiet little man talked continuously for over an hour. It was so funny and so fun.

You are probably wondering why we did this. It was mostly for Honey and me and the ability to say definitively that Bub's does not have ACC like his sister. We get asked more often than you would believe and now we'll know. We don't have the results yet, but should know first of next week.


Debbie said...

What a trooper! Looks like he enjoyed his morning :). Glad it was a positive experience.

Anonymous said...

That is one way to get him to sit down when he's watching TV!! I love it. MM

Natalie said...

I am glad that you got it will have peace of mind now.

Julia said...

Oh my goodnes look at how long his legs are! That photo is a great shot of just what a big boy he is becoming!