Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ironing Fest

Yesterday I did some ironing. (Somewhere my Honey is reading this and his heart just jumped into his throat. Don't get too excited, dear. Not THAT ironing) I have unfinished trick-or-treat bags from last year and so I set to work on them yesterday. That meant ironing on a couple sequin pumpkins to black fabric before I sew the fabric to the bags.

Since I had the iron out and ready to go, I went ahead and made a big brother t-shirt. NO, this is NOT for Bubba! (Somewhere my Honey is sitting with his heart in his throat once again.)

Not long ago (well, 5 months ago actually) I made a big brother shirt for a friend and accidentally printed out two of the graphics. I figured I might as well put it on a shirt and list it on my yard sale blog. SOLD.

Cute, eh?


Melanie said...

Let me know if it doesn't sell. If I can afford it, I'll buy it and pay for you to mail it to me. :)

Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

So so cute. Thanks again for making it for Owen. It still is the cutest big brother t-shirt I have ever seen!


Meagan Price said...

Hmmm, I think you could go into business, Becks. I'll take one and a matching "Big Sister" shirt, too. Name your price (no pun intended). :)