Friday, September 11, 2009

ClustrMaps - One Year Reset

So, I have had my little ClustrMaps widget for a year now. They reset the map at a year. So, overnight I look like no one loves me.

Actually, they are very nice about it and sent me an email which read as follows:
"...we are writing just to let you know that an annual automatic 'archive'
of your red dots has taken place, meaning that all your 'other' (previous) red
dots are safely stored in the Maps Archive, which you'll find by clicking on the
Maps Archive link immediately above your large full-size world map.

Although the map archive has already happened, your existing map will
stay displayed until the NEXT update of your map. This helps to avoid displaying
a totally empty map until there are fresh dots to show."
Isn't that kind - they have safely stored my red dots. AND they waited until I had new red dots so that I wouldn't feel like a COMPLETE loner. (I wonder if they are run by an insecure woman?)

Anywho, it is fun to know that today I have been visited by 67 people.
56 from America
6 from Australia
2 from Spain (Hola!)
1 from Germany
1 from Belgium
1 from Vietnam

Who IS that dot in Vietnam???
(I act like I KNOW someone in Belgium. . . or Germany. . . or Spain!)


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure - but the spain one might have been me when i read your blog in spain...i hope it's a spaniard that reads your blog but i thought i would let you know - so happy that you won the JSB contest - how fun!!

Anonymous said...

It's me Karen, you know, Rick and Karen W... Oh, by the way, we've moved ;)

Kitty Laird said...

Okay, am I missing some sort of "detail" button? I remember one post of yours where you knew what city/state had visited...

And I hope Little slept in a bit. Ainsley has gone through periods of this and I did the terrible parenting thing and just climbed into bed with her until she fell back asleep. Not wise.

Kellie said...

I see my sister has already left a post here identifying herself as your mystery reader. I just knew it had to be her.

I wonder what mine shows up to be when I use the VPN? You know you're blocked in the great red country, right?